Read3dmStartSection() failed [BUG]?

Plaese is it possible to have an answer of Mcneel person to send a private email with the file too?
this problem is recurring…

when I edit a file and finally I do not save it, it puts me the following message (see screenshot). What is it due? what is the problem since it tells me that it is not a Rhino3d file while it is one! (with imported part .STL or .IGES.

Thank you for your advice and answer,

best regards,borne.txt (213 Bytes)

Did you succed in sharing the file with McNell ?

Hello ont yet because i didn’t share it yet…
I will keep you updateted,


S’il vous plaît, télécharger le fichier ici:
et mentionnez

Par hasard, tu es connecté un lecteur réseau (“Network Area Storage”)?

Ah, I see @wim is looking into this here: 3DM file is not a rhino file (no need for two topics).