Raytracing meshes with vertex colors

Any possibility of raytracing this?test cube.3dm (182.6 KB)

Raytraced doesn’t support this yet. @nathanletwory do you think it will make it into Rhino?

I also noticed that quad meshes interpolate the vertex colors with diagonals, as if they are tris. Would it be possible to make better blending of quad meshes?

Here I just flipped some edges:

I got okay results using photoshop to multiply the raytraced result with the ‘rendered’ viewport
color output.

Raytracing vertex colors is possible.

The vertex color material is currently still a hidden one so you need to run first once the command TestShowPrivateContent. You should find the Cycles vertex color material now as an option to create when making a new material.

Assign that to your object.


All meshes are triangulated. You probably need to explain with images how you think blending should be better.

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what if each mesh was a solid color / single material. Is there any way to get color information out of Grasshopper and make materials in rhino that we can raytrace with?

Will Rhino choke on like 15,000 different materials with unique rgb values?

Why create lots of meshes when you can just have it all be one mesh, and use the Cycles vertex color material?

I actually sent that message before your reply came in here. I was thinking of workarounds when suggesting making a ton of unique materials.

Thanks for this Nathan I’ll give it a go and report back with results.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong:

Ahh silly error on my part. Didn’t have this set right:

Working now:

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Late night work and this post was spot on! This helped me get some presentation quality for my daylight analysis.

@nathanletwory My wish for Christmas is to add a “VertexColorTex” in the textures list in Rhino 8

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