MultiPipe gradient

Hello everyone,

I am trying to assign gradient to my MultiPipe path but so far I didn’t succeed. What I want to do is to change the pipe’s colour depending on it’s position in Z axis.
I would really appreciate your help how to tackle this. Thanks!

this might be one way


This is amazing!! Thank you so much :star_struck:

Hey Inno,

I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you know by any chance how can I add material (reflection, metallic effect) to this gradient mesh?

when I add custom preview (first photo) the material looks the same no matter which one I choose.
The biggest difference (closest to the desired one) is when I switch preview on of “Mesh from SubD” (photo 2) but for not known reason to me it’s of a red color and I am not sure how to change it

you can bake the mesh in Rhino and it will retain vertex color in the viewports (although you might want it to be more subdivided, maybe through Weavebird) but as far as I know there’s no way in Rhino -at the moment- to combine mesh vertex colors with other materials

this shows you how to enable Cycles mesh vertex color material:

maybe rendering it as purely metallic then rendering purely vertex colors and then somehow combining them in photoshop or similar?

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I baked the mesh as recommended, applied material in Rhino and the gradient colors revealed :slight_smile: couldn’t be happier with the effect! Thank you so so much :heart_eyes: