Blender vertex colors to Rhino?

Hi everbody,

Did anybody have any luck with exporting a mesh with vertex colors from Blender to Rhino?
I’ve tried exporting as FBX and OBJ, but the vertex colors aren’t displayed in Rhino. Both meshes display in a white material.

Here’s the Blender file, if anybody wants to take it for a spin: (429.6 KB)

Any ideas?


u may check your blender setting, there is nothing wrong in rhino, i believe when you export vertex color from blender, the information didnt get through.

from Max to Rhino the vertex color is translated nicely.

probably the obvious solution, why dont you just bake your vertex color into UV texture. then just apply the material into Rhino model.

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Hm, yes, it seems that way! Thanks for testing this.
What file format did you use?

Since, I’m after the color information to drive some Grasshopper stuff.

I use FBX format

u can also use UV map color information as input into grasshopper nodes.

u may check this youtube videos for exporting into unity, it’s a bit of a hassle but should work.

The Blender and Grasshopper plugin MeshSync by Alessandro Zomparelli seems to be the best workaround I could find, although the .ghpy components are as always not macOS compatible!
However, his Blender plugin can output pretty much every information about a mesh to a text file, which can be easily read into Grasshopper. This is a killer feature!