Rhino V6 - crash - raytraceted view

My another crash.

rhinoV6_crash.txt (133.4 KB)

If at all possible update at least to Mojave 10.14.6.

Its not possible. I need High Sierra on egpu :frowning:

I guess that’d be NVidia GPU in the eGPU?

Yes. But i was outside and i am runing on my Radeon Pro 560 4GB but its working now . idont have check opencl. thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, the crash logs are kinda useful. I’ve been hacking away at this instability problem for almost two weeks straight now. I will spare you the gritty details, but lets just say it is a threaded complication - one that becomes especially apparent when using Raytraced.

I’m doing the research currently in v7 codebase, but I believe much of the improvements I’m going to propose internally will be relatively easy to backport to v6.

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