Raster Output to PDF Resolution with Surfaces - on Mac

Hello. I need to know how to output a 3D model with surfaces but without lowering the quality of the resolution. When I output it with raster, the resolution is so poor. I need it to be as high as when it is done with vector output but also showing the surfaces.

Thank you so much

something which i also wanted a long time ago… for now you have 2(3) options which i can give you. either you output it on a paper size large enough, or you use make 2d and hatch manually with different colors.

@Helvetosaur made a script here which would be a beginning for an automated approach, it outlines the objects and hatches them but thats only for top view. perspective hatching would imply making different color hatches depending on how the light hits it, maybe he could modify it still which would be great.

otherwise you have to stick to what i suggested. i usually use make2 for the outlines and work it further in illustrator with interactive painting which is very fast no need to select boundaries like in rhino just click click click, wished it would run in rhino like this because thats the last thing i use illustrator for still.

oh and there might be hope for the next version for this if i understood it correct, you can read about it here