Newbie on Mac cannot create PDF

Hi, AM using the 3 month test versions of Rhino: 5.5.2 on Mac and v6 on PC. Both computers have PDF printers but only the PC creates a PDF. On the Mac when I go to export to PDF, that file format isn’t in the drop-down menu of choices. Please help! This is for educational purposes and my employer will be getting me a license soon, but I need to figure this out fast…Thanks in advance!


You have to use the printing interface: File > Print.
Then set it up as if you are going to print, and in the lower-left corner select “Save as PDF” or “Open in Preview” then save from there when you are happy with the image.


Hi Max,
Thanks. Could you tell me: Will I be able to control the scale of the output precisely? Should I use raster or vector? Thanks!


Hi Peter,

The scale can be set at any value, or set to fill the paper format you have selected.
If you only want to export certain objects, select those and set your printing interface to “only selected objects”:

Raster or vector depends on what you need to export, vector will give you more contrast on lines, but will not be able to export shaded surfaces in the way they are shown in your viewport, you will need to select raster for that. Colors will be less bright.

But all will be revealed when you choose Open in Preview. You can always discard the picture without exporting any file by simply closing the Preview window.


HI again Max,

This is great- so appreciated. I am a little desperate for info becaus eI teach a workshop very soon, and the TA responsible for this stuff won’t be present, so i am scrambling to get the basics. I’ll risk plying your generosity again with a few more questions. Namely I want students to output simple renderings- with just a sun, crisp hard edge cast shadows, and basic textures. Is this possible within Rhino (with the Rhino renderer??)I think I’ve found some online videos for the texturing, but it seems that there is no control for the sun position in Rhino! Is this true? What would be a solution? Is it the same on Mac and PC?

Thanks again, cheers!!


click the render tab at the top, you should see a ‘sun’ symbol, click to open dialogue box, you can control and adjust sun, lights, environment, and ground plane from there :+1:

We’re talking Rhino for Mac 5.5.2. here, I have not tried that version but i doubt that your instructions are correct.


Hi guys, I found this, which works. Just need to figure out how, if possible, to render simple colors of the objects. On right shaded mode, on left rendered image.

Command MaterialManager:

  1. Add material
  2. Select material
  3. Change color
  4. Select object
  5. Drag material onto object


ah yes, the WIP has the sun symbols, have yet to try it though, if it’s the same as the windows version it works very well indeed :slight_smile: