Printing with Surfaces

I am trying to create an illustration. This is the view in Rhino.

I am trying to illustrate the positions of the rollers. However, if I print to PDF I get this:

None of the surfaces all. Is there some way to get some representation of the surfaces to appear in the PDF output?

when you use _Make2D to get the curves of each object, make sure that “tangent edges” is selected.

other option could be using the _Sillhouette command from the top view and then, use the _SetPt command to planerize all curves in the x-y plane.

@bigjimslade if there is no need for further messing around with vector data in other applications, using Raster output in the print settings would include surfaces. you can set the paper size and its all done in one go.

i would rather use ProjectToCPlane for this exact purpose its simply faster/easier. SetPt is also meant for a different purpose.

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