Random Polygon Pattern

Hi Everyone

I’m trying to create a pattern as per the attached image, with a collection of randomly sized/distorted 4/5 sided polygonal cells, but am struggling to come up with a way of doing it.

I thought maybe doing it as a voronoi would be the easiest solution, but the resulting polygons have too many sides - is there a way to constrain this?

The other solution I thought would be to create a grid then deform it, but I’m not sure of the best way of doing that.

Am I missing another way of doing this, or if anyone has any suggestions on the above options I would appreciate any ideas.


The best rational solution (is very fast, plus you avoid very small edges [the Voronoi classic issue]) IF you are OK with 4 sides in phase1 (a distorted grid). In phase 2 you can yield a 2 edges result from any given edge (maybe according some Length rule etc, etc).

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Thank you for your reply!

I managed to get it to work quite well with the Random Attraction.

My next thought would be to apply this to surfaces; I managed to cobble it together in the 3x3 grid I was using to test it on a flat surface, but (a) when I increase the subdivisions it falls apart, (b) it doesn’t like a curved surface as an input.

It seems to be an issue getting the subdivided surface points into a “grid” that can be distorted for (a), and I guess (b) is because it can’t create planar surfaces from the points.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Facet Panels Working 02.gh (23.2 KB)

Check if this is what you want.

Facet Panels Working 02_re.gh (10.4 KB)

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That looks like it works perfectly! Good to know about the grid structure tool.

Thank you for helping out on a Sunday!