"Random" heptagon grid shaped by curve

im trying to make a “random” heptagon grid in grasshopper, which needs to be shaped by a curve.
It should look something like this:

If anyone has a great idea of how i can do this, im all ears!

can you give more indications? It is not clear for me.
What are the inputs?
What you do with the inputs? What is the algorithm ?

i havent drawn it in grasshopper yet cause i dont know how to… i have a couple of curves which needs to shape the grid into (perhaps) a bunch of heptagons. kinda like what is shown on the picture…

Have a look at the ‘Delaunay Mesh’ component. It triangulates a set of points, and if you give it a random distribution as input you’ll usually end up with some points surrounded by 7 triangles.

I have tried to use the delaunay mesh before, but im not quite sure how to a) connect the points into the triangles, and b) make the pattern that derives from the curves

Here is a method to get points that are surrounded by X others points

You will need Mesh Topology plugin “Sandbox”
group by number.gh (12.8 KB)

I still don’t really understand what you want. If it is for Grasshopper or whatever software you must describe the type of algorithm you want.
Inputs =>( Treatments not mandatory) => Outputs (curves, surface, bananas …)