Voronoi pattern pannel


Please, do someone knows how to create a pannel like the one here attached but more simple, without square grid wich divides the complete pannel?

Thanks a lot.

It isn’t a voronoi pattern. If you look at it, it is a diamond grid with the vertices displaced. If you examine it even further you can see it is actually one exact same panel rotated differently. The panel module is connecting each corner of the panel to some point existing in the middle of the panel. If you want to make it like that it is easy. Just model one panel, and array it, but randomly rotate the panel by 90 degree intervals each time it is copied.

Since you said you do not care about the panels here is a way to do it with a diamond grid mesh (you will need Mesh+ plug-in just for a quicker way to make a diamond mesh) then you can displace the vertices randomly in the XY plane.

DiamondCornerDisplace.gh (21.7 KB)

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
According to your script, im trying to make a pattern wich should be full on the bottom and empty (like on your script) on the top. This transition would work via attractor line or point. I did something here attached, but it doesnt work…

DiamondCornerDisplace.gh (22.0 KB)
DiamondCornerDisplace.3dm (48.5 KB)

Could you help me to fix it please?

Thanks a lot