Random books

True, if I only had this much time to make it :slight_smile:
They were created pretty quickly in GH.

Here a 5 minute quicky with a simple plane, a rhino custom material and a texture I hacked together in a few minutes:

The texture is

The texture mapping is set to repeat as many times as I counted shelves (from a tiny monitor with the view zoomed out far, so probably wrong :wink: )

With a bit more care it all could look much better of course (: But also the polygon count goes down quite a bit, which in turn helps any renderer.

Shaded mode also works when you set the plane object display mode to Rendered.

Can’t stand the repetition :sweat_smile:, it looks more like local grocery store to me :smile: but I get your point. Everything looks better with some TLC and time put into it.

Neither can I, but it was only 5 minutes in total! :slight_smile:

If you look close you can see the same set of books is repeated 4 times :smiley:

One thing you could do (as in making assets you can reuse later) if you find some time is to model and render just a collection of books to PNGs with transparent background. You can then drop them into wherever you need books.

Another way is you probably can even do that with GH and make sure you create those meshes with vertex colors. Raytraced has a vertex color material with which you can Raytrace such geometry. That way you can keep your current way of creating all those books, have vertex colors assigned, then join all those separate objects.

Ok, so I took a moment to whip together some GH definition that gives you books with either volume (pun intended), or just the backs of the books like you have.

Point is that you should assign vertex colors, and then join all meshes together to get one object. That will load fast, and work with both Rendered and Raytraced. The latter needs the Cycles Vertex Color material (use TestShowPrivateContent).

Attached a GH and a 3dm with what I cooked up. No doubt the real GH wizards will do much better.

books-vertcol.gh (15.9 KB)
books-vertcol.3dm (3.1 MB)

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Thanks Nathan, I will dig it to get some extra knowledge. Meshes are not my prefered choice of modelling.

Made some improvements and added clearer controlability

books-vertcol.gh (19.4 KB)
books-vertcol.3dm (176.5 KB)

Things for improvement still: give number of shelves in a book case, dimensions of the thing and have that control how many books are on a shelf. Maybe some nicer colors.

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@nathanletwory The “Cycles Vertex Color” material cannot be displayed in raytrace mode in Grasshopper. Unless bake in Rhino.