Rhino + Vray + Quixel(?)


Quixel recently made a whole megascan library available for free, and that’s super for somebody like me who want to learn how to create different landscapes and scenarios to put my architectures in.
The problem: The workflow is just very slow.
Importing object means reconnect all textures and so on. In other programs is just way easier.
Does anybody know if any script/different plugin/whatever exist to do this kind of job?


Hello, if you would use search you would find that theres no rhino importer now. Closest possible would be Transmutr for SU then making vray proxy lib.

Second. Megascans are free just inside of UE not for offline rendering work. Better read licences and terms of use before getting sued by someone.

Indeed, I already used “search” as you kindly suggest.
But with constant updates and new plugins being released evey day you never know!

Thanks for the Transmutr tip.
If you have other advices, please feel free.