Random arches

Hi freinds. I want to make bike parking cover with with arches random size variety.Do u have any idea how to make it??Bike parking.3dm (15.6 MB) Cafe arches.gh (9.7 KB)

Hello you will find here a script with arches which seems quite similars of what you want. It is just a partial answer but could help

Here a simple example
First you define the randomness of width of arches =>
Random with a domain of [0.5, 1] => difference of width must be near 50% to 100 %.
Then reparametrize the curve
Then shatter the curves
Extract points and use them to make curves. Here you can better approximate Toyo Ito Libray with more points.
Make the curves with the points
Loft the curves

You don’t need to put all the 3dm, just internalize geometry in Grasshopper.
Cafe arches LD.gh (21.2 KB)


Thank you so much, its very good one. But i wonder is possible to make arches more rounded? like herzog meuren train building.

Its not important for arch to touch roof, i mean height of arches can be different in height.

arcs_2019Nov15a.gh (12.2 KB)

15.6 MB file that contains only four curves!!!? Whoa. Two of those curves internalized below.

This isn’t pretty, but perhaps interesting?

arcs_2019Nov15b.gh (20.3 KB)

Here’s another approach based on ellipses, first mentioned by @Joseph_Oster. The roundness of the arches can be changed with the height adjustment slider.
A random curve division where you can set a minimum arch width is also included.

Please note that your input curves need to have the same direction, and a domain from 0 to the curve length for this to work. Negative curve domains, as well as reparameterised domains, break the script!
Other than that it works flawlessly. :slight_smile:

Cafe arches 2.gh (45.5 KB)

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This one is fun. With Pufferfish.

Pf_Arcs.gh (18.8 KB)


This version is WAY BETTER, though it could be improved further by a specific list of points instead of random.

arcs_2019Nov15c.gh (21.1 KB)

Got it! This one is fine.

arcs_2019Nov15d.gh (25.9 KB)

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Thank you freinds, but i used Josep way cuz its simple and without error and what i got with some little extra addition.

i liked you idea more becouse its fits my initial proposal more, but unfortunatly cuz of some programming and other errors script doesnt work well.

No worries, what “other errors” do occur?

At the moment only base and roof part works. Arches script isnt runing(((

You seem to have deleted some components!

i checked multiple times. İts most probably some old or new plugins whice makes error.

I’m using the latest Rhino, which one do you run?

Rhino 5 SR-14

OK, I guess what’s missing is the GHPython component. It doesn’t come with Rhino 5. You need to download it and add it to your components folder.

Here’s a new even better version of the script. It should work fine, if you install the GHPython component, since it’s needed to evaluate the random arc widths, while keeping a minimum width.

Bike parking.3dm (15.6 MB)

Cafe arches 3.gh (62.1 KB)

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i tried again but this time only base of cafe appeard.! i fix GHPython problem only this things is missing((