Create arched brick patterns in grasshopper


I would like to create arched brick patterns, with adjustable brick width, length and height, also horizontal and vertical mortar width, as shown in the photo below.

Right now in my model, I can only make brick patterns running on a straight line which is not desirable as shown in the screenshot below, attached is the grasshopper script I used to make this.

Brick (36.4 KB)

When I try to find a script that allows bricks to run along the curve of the arch, I have found this script from the old forum which allows me to control an arch and divided points on the arch, yet I don’t know how to combine the brick pattern with it. I’m also not sure if this is the best way to achieve my desire outcome too. (9.9 KB)

I would really like to create brick patterns that curve along the arch like the one in the photo. Please help… :persevere: Thank you so much in advance! :blush: :pray: