Trying to make a modern Colosseum. Placing and deforming arches

Grasshopper (48.8 KB)
Hand made example arches.3dm (311.9 KB)

Hi there,

I am working on a sportscenter and i want to create arches that go around the facade. However i want to do this is a surtain manner such a discribed here. I hoop that there is someone can help me as i have not but the slightes idea where to start.

Thanks in advanced for your time and ideas. On finding a solution for my problem!

In the rhino file “hand made example arches” you can see what the idea was that I have in mind.
First of how do i get sutch a gradiual crv on the surface where is can change the shape of set CRV later on in the project. And than get the top of the arches to set points of the crv.

Lasty i don’t know how to get the arches in het round bits of the building (how to build or bend the arches such as they fit neatly between the pillars).

Thanks for the help i hope it won’t be to hard :D.


Something like this?

I used simplex noise from the 4D Noise plug-in to generate the wave pattern.

Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. :wink:

Grasshopper problem (323.5 KB)