RAL colours in Grasshopper / Shapediver

Dear team,

We would like to offer our box in different RAL colours.
We are currently using textures. How can we use RAL colors rather than textures?


1003 Signal Yellow
1004 Golden Yellow
1007 Daffodil Yellow
1018 Zinc Yellow
1021 Rape Yellow
1028 Melon Yellow
2000 Yellow Orange
2003 Pastel Orange

you could convert the ral colours to hex and get these into rhino like that. there is no real proof if that also hits the colours, it also depends of course how the monitor is calibrated so the same colour will occur different at every monitor.


Indeed, you will have to map RAL colors to Color parameters in Grasshopper, this part of the work is manual. As for using colors instead of textures, you can just use the material ShapeDiver components and just input a color instead of a texture map.

Good morning Team,
We would like to show RAL color as a texture while loading in shapdiver preview component “ref SS1”, Do we have any options for that?

The reason behind that is, we have loaded many textures in shapdiver preview component “REF SS2”

I apologize, I do not exactly understand your question. Do you want to use a plain color for the material used in the preview component? Then you can use the “BaseColorFactor” input to specify the color you want, and there is no need for a texture in this case. If you really want to use a texture, you can of course create one with the single RAL colors you want to show, but that will trigger unnecessary loading files to the online viewer.

I want to use color and integrate to basecolor texture.