Vertex Colors

Hi everyone,

Here’s my problem: I would like to use color gradient to color meshes according to their thickness. And so I would like to color the vertices according to their height. No problem to do that in GH but on Shapediver the results are very random and do not correspond at all to what I want.
I tested several tracks depending on whether the mesh is already colored or not from Rhino, or generated and colored via GH…
In addition, depending on what I display locally via Rhino/Grasshopper, on Shapediver or on my site by encapsulation, the results are all different.
However, vertice staining seems to be tolerated by Shapediver as mentioned on this page:

Vertex Colors
Mesh vertex colors are supported and will be displayed in ShapeDiver. If a mesh within an uploaded definition contains vertex colors, they will be used instead of the base color defined in the ShapeDiverMaterial component. However, the color textures can still be used in conjunction with vertex colors, both values being multiplied together for rendering.
Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this issue, it seems that vertex colors were broken in the past few versions of the viewer. We have now fixed it, you can check your model on ShapeDiver. Make sure your application upgrades to the latest version of the viewer (2.13.0).