Colour elements to match picture pixels?

Hey all, is it possible to make a grid of shapes where each shape it set to have the colour of a particular pixel from a low resolution image?

Say you draw a 100 x 100 grid of boxes and then each one gets assigned colour depending on its position to recreate the image?


For sure it is possible. You could use “image sampler” but I tend to prefer “Import Image” because this one show the image as a mesh in Rhino viewport. Then you could get the color of “pixel” using “Mesh Closest Point” the “Mesh Eval” the get the color.
Then use this color to make a material in Grasshopper. You’ll find some script to make the materials. But adding a lot of materials/color could lead to long time (indeed on my PC).

Cool, thank you! I will have to check out each of those functions, cheers!

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