Unable to display colour in the ShapeDiver viewer

My color is well defined in GrassHopper (it shows in the Rhino viewer). However, when uploading my model on ShapeDiver, the colour won’t show… I have 3-4 different colours set on different parts but I cannot differentiate them on ShapeDiver since they are all the same light blue default color. What am I doing wrong?

There could be multiple issues but from your screenshot I see that you did not hide the preview of the Stream Filter component that contains geometry, which means the viewer displays several times the same objects, using the default material for the ones contained in the Stream Filter. Please make sure you hide the preview of all components except the ones you want to display in the online viewer.

Hello and thank you posting these ideas! I think the demo videos and get started type work does not explain the relationship between previewing and ShapeDiver very clearly so I came looking after having the same issue and am glad I found this thread.