Radial vs orthogonal pattern lunchbox

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Space frame 2 superficies2.gh (15.9 KB)


I am trying to apply the same pattern on to different surfaces : one generated by extrusion and the other by revolution. The problem is when using lunchbox to create a space- frame, I get a radial pattern on the “spheric” surface and an orthogonal pattern on the extruded one. If the structural lines do not coincide the surface would obvously collapse. Is there any way I can either make the structural lines coincide or use a continuous orthogonal pattern on both surfaces? Please see the sketch above.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, does anyone know how to do this?

Hi @alex11.jg,

Since the LunchBox SpaceTruss 2 component can only divide surfaces by count and your straight extrusion surface seems to have a weird topology, I decided to reconstruct the extrusion from the naked, vertical edge of the revolution surface.
The truss of the extrusion seemingly can’t be easily constructed with LunchBox, because of the limitations of the SpaceTruss 2 component. I thus constructed it “manually”, with vanilla components starting from the truss of the half-dome.
Both are now parametrically linked. The extrusion truss changes with the one from the half-dome.

The solution is quite complex! Lots of data juggling…, which might also be why people were reticent to help up to now. However, I did something similar in the past!

Space frame 2 superficies3.gh (33.3 KB)


Yeah, complicated here as well…

Space frame 2 superficies2_RE.gh (37.7 KB)

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WOW! p1r4t that is amazing!!! Thank you so much for your help. I didn´t imagine it would be so complex

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Thank you Jakinta, this was also really helpful!