Having Problem Applying Lunchbox Pattern on multiple surface

Hello, I need help with applying lunchbox pattern on multiple surface. Before asking this question, I also want to figure out why the loft result comes out differently in grasshopper.I attached two images below with two results. The ultimate result I want is to apply these triangular pattern on this loft surface,which will wrap around the whole surface area. Because I coundn’t solve these two issues, I ended up applying these pattern on a flat surface first, then project them back to the doubly curve surface. However, this will not be a perfect solution for what I want.

So I have these two questions.Lunchbox Issue.gh (4.4 KB)

  1. why the loft result comes out differently in grasshopper?
  2. How to make lunchbox pattern works on multiple surface?

![image|690x302](upload://ks3XvdAC3rMFNg6eLunchbox IssueA.3dm (13.4 MB)

share your rhino file

I just uploaded. Sorry about that.

add loft options and there is no lunchbox pattern in the definition

thank you for solving my first question! For my previous model, I used the Triangular Panels A in lunchbox, but for now, I think which pattern doesn’t really matter that much. I just want to figure out the way to apply pattern on multiple surface.


it’s better to recreate the curves

Problem Solved! Just one more question, what does the toggle do that connect the interpolate? I found out it does not really affect the result of recreated curves, but it will affect the result of loft surface.

Hi - please see the help file on Periodic:

false : opened curve
true : closed curve

That’s crystal clear. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the help file, Wim. I guess that why the loft result twisted so much with Non periodic curves.