Connecting circular Pattern to a Lunchbox diamond grid

Hi there. I’m trying to attach a circular pattern from an image to a grid I have created with Lunchbox but I have no idea how to do it. I have a problem with Loft A (I don’t know why it doesn’t work) and also some trouble to close the geometry (I need to close also the triangles on lunchbox, not only the diamons). The result I’d like to achive is like the one on picture. Basically rectangular panels, with 4 circular holes on every panel that are related to an image that i give.

I know its a lot, but every little tip will be welcomed

Circular (162.0 KB)

Circular (149.7 KB)

thank you so much!

There is also a way to close gap between panels and extrude them a little bit on the outside?

Circular (157.6 KB)

Wow you are awesome. I’m try to understand how it works. It’s not clear to me what component Points in curve and Points in Brep does. I mean I get that they test if a poin is included in Brep or Curve but why you combined with Extrude also?

To get rid of these circles in centers of panels, since you didnt need them.

Could be done with Relative item as well…

Ah okk. Thanks again!!!