Extruded Planar Hexagon Pattern on Surface

Hi Guys,

For some reason I having hard time to make hex pattern on spherical surface.
I want to apply hex pattern on a surface, make it planar and then extrude.
See attached image of what I want to get at the end.

Thank you

HexPatternOnSurface.gh (10.4 KB)

Instead of using Lunchbox, this is another way using weaverbird dual graph for initial hexagon pattern setting on your surface.

HexPatternOnSurface_re.gh (15.0 KB)


Thank you Kim, I will take a look.

And I don’t think the hexagons from your reference image are planar… Are you sure about that?

@HS_Kim the reference image used here in this thread was by @arthur tedeschi in his Instagram and grasshopper blog he explained that as a planar hexagon.Arthur Tedeschi hexagon
He refers that he used kangroo + grasshopper to achieve this. Thank you :blush:

Yes. on a properly shaped surface, It’s sometimes successful, but it’s not easy to maintain the shape of the hexagon, especially for concave parts. Check the linked topic bellow.

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Hi Tim,
Is there a way to remove pattern after I have trimmed the surface ?

Yes, I was looking on different sources to find a solution before posting here. And I found an example at old grasshopper forum.

HexPatternOnSurface_Trim.gh (23.2 KB)

I am getting closer, but I still getting messy edge. How would you make it follow actual trimmed form?

HexPatternOnSurface_Trim02.gh (25.6 KB)

If you could allow more deformations of hexagons, you’ll probably get more chances to generate planar panels during your K2 simulation.
You’ll need ngon plugin.

HexPatternOnSurface_Trim_re.gh (18.8 KB)

I’m Kim.:wink:

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Sorry :slight_smile:

So you are saying I just need to wait a bit longer ? I do want he[agon to be stretched to the edge without triangular infills.


What are you waiting for? Would not it be possible to modify existing one?

PlanarHexPatternOnSurface_reV4.gh (20.3 KB)
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Btw ICD/ITKE pavilions use mostly TPI for discretization. One of many papers:


And just for information the most recent wood pavillion at BUGA opened on last Wednesday:



Very interesting, thank you.

I think you are correct. It looks like ngon is what I want. But it looks like I will have to rebuild a shape first in Rhino so it is not a trimmed surface to be able to apple pattern on it. NGON doesn’t apply patterns on closed surfaces like sphere !? Or am I missing something?

Your result is almost what I need, but without left over triangular gaps. I am trying to fill it with hexagons. So hexagons on the edge a stretched to fill in the left over space.


From here: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/planar-hexagonal-grasshopper?overrideMobileRedirect=1

Arturo says:

Hi guys, sorry for my late reply. As soon as possible I’ll publish the definition, I’m currently testing it on mixed GC surfaces and it is very promising :))
Andrea is right, it is not a TPI process but is a “custom” algorithm which uses the “planar” component by Daniel.

I know… I was talking about @HS_Kim‘s link.

You can see the definition at the end of this blog post. It has a simple Kangaroo 2 to planarize hexagons on a surface. You can download the GH definition and the Rhino file at the top of the post.


@HS_Kim Gday Kim, was wondering if you could take a look at my post, I’m doing a very similar thing with planarising my surface, however it is not so successful. Cheers Extruded hexagon panels on surface with different scaled openings

I can´t really figure out how this logic works :frowning: but could be applied in an open surface?