Grasshopper Lunchbox Hex on untrimmed surfaces HELP

Hello everyone. I’m struggling with this. I have two untrimmed surfaces that share an edge of the same lenght (they need to be two I can’t merge them) and I want to apply an Hex pattern on both but for some reason the spacing of one is different from the other even if the division ratio is the same. Can someone help me figuring out why?


hex cells on (10.2 KB)
hex cells on srf.3dm (235.0 KB)

Lunchbox grids are based on surface topology
for instance, given a planar surface, when I move its internal control points the surface is still planar with same boundary, but the hexa grid is changing:

the very same is happening in your surfaces:

the difference in surface topology you have here, noticeable by showing the surface control points, is reflected in the hexa grid

Thanks for the explaination. It does make sense now. Do you know a quick way to adjust the topology of one srf mocking the other one?