Radeon Pro Render

Hi, I just saw this tweet.

will this be a serious option?
I can’t find a link to download it.
any more info about this?

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thanks very much.

Does this work for anybody?
I just get a “plug-in not compiled for this version of Rhino” with WIP version 6.0.16208.8111, 26.07.2016



No plug-ins are compiled for V6 yet.
Try V5

We are excited to make the BETA available for Radeon ProRender for Rhino® 3D.
This is made for designers, artists, and creatives, who want to make stunning renderings at no cost, Radeon ProRender for Rhino® 3D is a physically accurate raytracing plugin that provides a simple to use, deeply integrated Rhino® 3D experience, with an extensive beautiful material library. Radeon ProRender is built on OpenCL™ 1.2, which means it can run on virtually any hardware and will harness the compute capabilities from both GPUs and CPUs!

Currently in BETA and integrated with Rhino® 3D v6.

We would like to hear your feedback and input to help make this your favorite raytracer.

from https://github.com/Radeon-ProRender/Rhino/releases

The two example files they offer, a car and an expresso machine are also Rhino 6 files that won’t open with V5



And the following week, we release a new V6 WIP which changes the SDK so any plug-in compiled with the earlier WIP is broken.

Ah - so it’s simply a bad idea on their side to release for V6.
Well, they offer the source code so in theory we could re-compile it ourselves, but I’m not sure I’ll go into that. :wink:

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We are pushing hard to “SDK Freeze” in the development process, but it has not happened yet.
That’s what any developer needs to know before they compile and release a plug-in that will run for more than a week.

They pushed out their cart before the horse was ready to pull it.

Kind of a catch 44 here I guess: on one hand it would be good if devs would already test the updated SDK, on the other their plugins will break constantly.

There already is an issue raised on this on github and I commented and linked to this thread, so hopefully they will update the plugin in a timely manner each week until SDK freeze…

While my main renderer for Rhino is Thea Render, I’m always curious what other companies come up with. :slight_smile:



And now they’ve released a new version, “Dependent DLL is out of date”.


What is the date of your Rhino WIP?

  • Andy

6.0.16208.8111, 7/26/2016
Oddly enough, there should be no out of date anything, since I did a clean install due to Cycles crashing in the previous WIP builds.

Ahhh - I suspect the problem is that you don’t have a graphics card that supports OpenCL 1.2 - what is your graphics card?

  • Andy

GTX 760 - it’s supposed to support OpenCL 1.2.

The renderer now works here but feels very slow compared to Thea, especially the espresso machine scene is taking ages to resolve with my Nvidia GTX 980 TI & GTX 660 TI & i7 6core @4.1 GHz. Maybe it’s faster on AMD cards?

And while it may be helpful for some people as a direct preview using the same materials and settings as Rhino itself, it also seems to inherit all the weaknesses and limitations.

I think I personally will prefer Cycles over ProRender/FireRender as soon as the Grasshopper nodes for Cycles are implemented.



I wouldn’t be surprised if OpenCL were crippled on CUDA cards.


the source is available via the github link

Yeah, who knows.
The Thea devs are also working on an OpenCL version, initially it was too weak compared to CUDA, but it seems they are making some headway. Will be interesting how the two versions of the same renderer compare on ATI/NVIDIA cards.

As for the source: I can do some coding but I never did any CUDA/OpenCL work, so the source would probably not tell me much :wink:

How does it compare to other renderers for Rhino? Did anybody test vs. Octane, Vray etc.?



The photos on the AMD web site leave a lot to be desired compared to other renderers available. Seems like a pretty far cry from anything approaching the photo-realism you can get with Arion, Keyshot, Octane, I-ray, or others. It’s free though, so there is that, and I’m sure it will improve over time. The installer throws an error in Rhino 5, and John says it’s no good in 6, so i’m not able to evaluate personally beyond looking at the amd press photos.