AMD ProRender Rhino Beta Plugin...any info?

Just inquiring as to whether anyone has some detailed information with regards to this plugin?


It looks like it works with the Rhino WIP… more here:

ProRender worked well for older versions of Rhino WIP, but is hasn’t been updated for the latest versions.
Andy le Bihan was re-building it for each WIP release, but his last rebuild was in July:

Andy’s focus seems to be RhinoCycles, which might be a better solution until the WIP API becomes stable enough that you don’t need a rebuild each time WIP is updated.

@andy ^^

Fixed -

i know that it is a lot of work to compile a release every week. it whould be very nice if you compile a working double of an aktual rhino 6.0 wip and RadeonProRenderRhinoPlugin.

many thanks in advance

We are getting close to an SDK freeze so developers will be able to compile a plug-in that will work more than one week.
We’re not quite there yet, but close.

Hi John

this sounds promissing and I am looking foreward.

Thank you very much for your quick response.

Beste regards


Look forward to testing this on my AMD card.

I just released the full version. Make sure you have an AMD card.

Cool, do you have any test render images?
And it requires AMD and does not work on nVidia cards, right?

Indeed an AMD card is required. NVidia cards won’t work (not crash, just not yield usable results).

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Hi andy,
I didn’t see your post until now. I will download and give it test.

@andy, thanks for the update.

A few questions: How can i control the amount of samples when rendering to the viewport ? If i set my quality to “Low quality”, it renders 64 samples when i render to the renderwindow. But in the viewport it seems to never stop. Can i halt it without switching to another display mode ?

If i render to the renderwindow with a resolution setting of “Final quality”, it stops after 512 samples. How can i increase that ?


I have two video cards in my computer, one is an AMD and the other is an NVidia. Is there a way to toggle off the NVidia card for Pro Render.

Also, I had installed an earlier version of the plugin (it didn’t work with the WIP version I was using at the time). Should it be removed before installing the full version that andy just released?

Unfortunately that isn’t yet possible from wirhin Rhino. At the moment only disabling other GPUs through the device manager works. I know it is a PITA, I had to disable the Intel and NVidia GPUs to be able to quickly test it on the RX550 that I have in my machine. The dev who wrote the integration already knows of this shortcoming.

Probably a good idea.

Not at the moment.

Perhaps I should not have uninstalled the earlier version. Now I get a message Error loading - ProRender.rhp.

Hmm, any specific message? Perhaps a screenshot of the error helps. Also please attach the results of the Help > System Information... menu.

Here’s the screenshot and system info.