AMD ProRender now available

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Just a heads up that AMD ProRender is now available for Rhino 7 through the Package Manager. You can install it directly from this link:


ProRender is a GPU accelerated renderer that does most of the same things that RhinoRender does - but optimized for AMD GPU hardware.

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How to enable GPU rendering on nVidia GPU? Or not available?

It is supposed to work on an nVidia GPU with ProRender, but since this is an AMD product, it’s not really optimized for that. If I were you, I’d just use RhinoRender in this case - in CUDA mode.

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You can also specify which device to use in ProRenders plugin options.

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This is great news! Can’t wait to try it.

It seems that it is possible to use the CPU and the GPU to render simultaneously. In my case I have a AMD threadripper, so it has no graphics cores. Ticking both boxes, increases the CPU load but with a small test file (a lamp shade with 3 materials) I see no diference in render time.

On the plus side, it is at least 7x faster than using RhinoCycles: taking about 31s to do 1500 samples with ProRender vs 3minutes and 33s with RhinoCycles.

I’ve then tried ProRender with a larger file I worked recently (a building) and did renders with RhinoCycles. The project was originally started in Rhino6, had VisualArq objects (which I had to explode for rendering) and was subsequently moved to Rhino7. I had a few crashes that seem to be related with a previous version of ProRender that was installed in Rhino6. After removing all the previous ProRender version files. The file no longer crashes but it does not render either and the command line shows no error.

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Glad you’re happy with the speed, but that crash is no good.

If you want you can share the file with me at and I can hunt down the issue.

Thanks! I sent you the file.

Hi I have been testing this new render engine, I can’t say it is good or bad just yet for sure it is different. I see that all the other softwares using proRender also have proRender materials is there any specific materias for Rhino??? or any extra help, guide, on how to correctly make materials thought for prorender?


ProRender supports all the native Rhino materials (glass, gem, double sided, physically based, custom, etc). The only material specific to ProRender is the ProRender Shadow Catcher material. This allows any object with the material to catch shadows in the same way as the ground plane.


Mac supported? I cannot find it…

Mac will be supported. It has not been released yet.

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just curious, is there a reason why the Rhino version is not mentioned the AMD website? Is that because McNeel did the port to Rhino?

p.s.: performance is amazing, but the plugin still seems to be a bit buggy on macRH7.5

Was curious about the omission of Rhino as well, Rudi, at link below.

Another question: MATERIAL LIBRARY FOR MACOS at link above (Blender/Maya) - any way to hook Rhino into that, or future plans to include such? Installed it, poked around trying to point Rhino to the ProRender library… no luck. (wasn’t expecting any…)

Bit of a crash monkey here too. Faith that will improve over time. Itching for some viable real-time viz inside Rhino on Mac.

Thanks! Keep up the good work, please.

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Perhaps this answer works?


Maybe this question?


my guess is, that the port of proRender for Rhino is not being done by AMD, but by McNeel using the proRender API and thus it is not shown. But this is just a guess…