OpenCL support for Cycles

any news regarding the cycles code rebase?
over the coming weeks I have a lot of rendering to do. it would really be nice if I could finally get blender like performance out of my two RX580s. with the current status, even my 2700X renders quicker.

@hitenter - current WIP has updated codebase, but I haven’t the chance yet to properly vet the OpenCL bit, so I’d wait with depending on the WIP for production just yet.

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my initial reaction was pure joiy. but then…
…wip crashes after a few seconds of “loading render kernels”, when one of my RX580s is set as render device - always :frowning:

CPU seems to work fine.

anyway, it’s progress.
maybe some more advancements to expect tomorow?

No, not tomorrow, but maybe next week.

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Green wires - DONE, red wires - maybe later.
Though later is better than never.
Looking forward to next weeks update.
Usable OpenCL Cycles rendering in Rhino, finally coming!

disappointed today :frowning:
what about next week?

Well, the item is still on my list (: I managed to knock off a few of the other also important ones, so working on it is guaranteed. Having it working by next week less so, but I’m on it!

very much hope it won’t be much longer.
please don’t make me consider buying an nividia card again :sweat_smile:

Last weeks WIP didn’t fix it, was still crashing.

Just installed the latest WIP.
Cycles does not crash anymore with openCL but it also does not render.
So you did something there, but it still does not work.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to first make openCL/AMD work at all, before fixing other bugs or implementing new features for CUDA/nvidia?

Please split this into a new thread “OpenCL support for Cycles”, starting with this post.

At least that request has now been implemented :sunglasses:

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Before pushing OpenCL re-enabling to Rhino I tested it on my AMD card. Compiling of the kernels take a long time, but eventually it started rendering.

Hm, here the kernel compiling was very short and then I only get this:

Says “Rendering…” but it just shows rendered view and nothing happens. Also no utilization on the gpu at all. Simply not working here. Anything I can try that helps you find out what this is about?

Btw, I can not check both GPUs in the OpenCL tab. When I check the second RX580, the tab automatically switches to CPU. When I switch back to the OpenCL tab, no device is selected there. So I can only check one at a time, not both.

Hmm, I probably need to double-check our installer to ensure all necessary files are actually delivered properly.

I just installed the latest 2020 drivers. Still not working. Compiling does not kick in. Goes directly to “Rendering…” like posted before.

Yes, I think that possibly not all necessary files are included in the installer based on the fact that compiling “finishes” so quickly.

I see missing files. Fixing installer.

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