Quickly changing line widths for the viewport?

I’m hoping this is very outdated:


At the same time, I only found a thread from 2014 about this here…

Is there a more recent way of changing line widths in the viewport?

The “print width” object property setting doesn’t seem to affect the viewport and that’s the only width I see.

If you run the _PrintDisplay command you will be able to see the effects of changing the Print Width object property.


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Super neat, thanks!

Is there a way to set this to permanently On for a Display Mode?

The setting is sadly not where I expected it to be:

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Hi Robert -

That is not a display mode property, no.
Screen vs model units curve widths is something that is being looked at for Rhino 8 but it’s too early to know when that feature will be available.

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I just discovered this:


This would be perfectly fine, but unfortunately I don’t see how I can change the behavior of this toggle to use Color=Display…

Testwirethicknessscale makes all lines thicker.

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