Line thicknesses 2D drafting


I got this request a few times back from my students and I also want to join in for that request. It s about the line thicknesses.
I realise we can change the thickness of the lines as a whole in the Options Toolbars View menus and adjust the line width for each different views such as wireframe, shading etc…
I also know we can print as different thicknesses in the Properties tab.
It would be awesome if we can have a menu like we see for line continuities in the Properties tab but having another scroll menu that applies to individual line thicknesses.

Would make the 2D drafting clearer to read. Other than that keep up the great work guys and thanks a lot.

Alexandre Galin


If I understood correctly - You can preview lines with their thickness with PrintDisplay command set to On (you can find it under Display Tab). Rhino will render lines with their Print Width set in Layers or modyfied individually inside Properties for each object.

I fully understand that you couldn’t find that option because I was also looking under Display Modes Properties.

Here I expressed my amazement:

I think this option should be placed under Display Modes options.

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WOW !!!
thank you so much Jakub
i never imagined it would be buried in that function. That s it.
Well my request then would be to make this more obvious in the Properties tab. But the function s there , it works nicely
thanks again Jakub.