Default drawing DISPLAY line width

I’ve upgraded my primary computer display to a 4K display.
Its an awesome display, but the single pixel lines in the Rhino drawing window are two thin to see.
I find all sorts of ways to change the line print width, I’m looking for a way to change the line width in workign viewports?

I’ve tried searching for the anwser, but I’m at a loss…is this possible?


this is what you are looking for. mine is set to 1 you may try increasing it to your liking.

That fixes the visibility of the Objects, but not for curve primitives…
IE if I make a shape closed polyline shape then extrude it… this setting makes it more visible AFTER its extruded.
So this is 1/2 the battle… I need to see the lines as they are part of the simple curves before it becomes a solid…

In the same area under Objects>Curves there is a setting for curve width in pixels. --Mitch

On occasion, it would be nice to be able to link the displayed line width the print width. That would save a lot of messing around with previewing printed pages.

You can do it with PrintDisplay command.

Thanks for the help, those changes make it usable at the high resolution!
The lines shown when actually in the act of drawing are still too thin, but I can live with that.