Curves thickness

Hi, I checked before in the forum about this. But when I go to the Document Properties>View>Display>Shaded>Objects>Curves and change the Curve Width parameter, I can not see any noticeable change in the line thickness.

Am I missing something?

Thank you

Are you sure that you’re not overwriting that with the layer / object properties?

Not sure I follow. What do you mean?

Is your viewport in shaded mode (i.e. the same one you modified in Options>View)?

If you have PrintDisplay enabled, it will show the print width that is the in the object or layer properties, not the default display mode print width. You need to disable PrintDisplay to see the display mode thickness.

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Hi Bruno -

I’ve been wondering about that, myself, for a while and was told that this is under development. I’ll see what more I can find out.

Well…, that’s the thing. Not anymore - unless you mean something else by “display mode thickness”…


Hi Bruno -


… the operative words here being “Display modes are also being updated”.

Does that mean that setting a print width in an object’s or layer’s properties will display as always-on?
– i.e. the PrintDisplay command becomes essentially redundant?

I don’t see that happening here yet in the current WIP.

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Kind of… Linetypes in Rhino 8 have thicknesses associated with them. Display modes are now set to use the linetype thicknesses from objects by default instead of a fixed pixel thickness for all objects. These thicknesses can be either in pixels or in actual modelling units (i.e. they will get thicker/thinner as you zoom in and out).

Here is a screenshot of the curve display mode settings. The same settings are available for other object types as well.

Printing and print display is where this gets tricky. We already have a “print width” setting available for objects so printing and print display need to know when to pay attention to the print width setting or to the new linetype thicknesses. My plan is to provide an option in printing to choose which thickness to use in a similar fashion where can choose display color or print color.

NOTE: The UI is actively being worked on in this area as we allow custom linetypes per object as well. We are waiting until this UI is in place before writing up a "New in Rhino 8 " post to describe the new feature.


All I’m interested in regarding to the UI is whether we now have a “Line Width” in the properties panel of each object which now finally will get reflected in the viewport?

(The Print Width was confusing and I could never remember how to enable the viewport display on that, and it was reset upon Rhino restart anyway.)

NOTE: The UI is actively being worked on in this area as we allow custom linetypes per object as well.

Once we have the UI in place for custom linetypes per object then you will be able to set custom line widths per object.

Great! Just to clarify why I asked… “line types” sound like a lot of work to set up. I hope you can just change the width without having to do that, just like you can with dimensions without having to set up a new style (Rhino isn’t always super consistent with its UX so that’s another reason why I asked). :wink:

Yes, directly, per object if needed, right now it is via object properties.


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