Quick way to join curves where minute gaps exist?

having created curves using project onto skins, the skins having been made in various panels, I have curves which refuse to join, 0.29mm gap for example. another is 0.08mm !!! where we are not bothered abput 2mm in this project as the end result, though 0.1mm is my goal.

what is the best way to select the two curves which appear to be able to join, and join them ?

I have projectedtoCplane to flatten them but in fact they are flat (planar)

I am zooming right in and out on many junctions here !


If you don’t care about 2 mm, increase your model absolute tolerance to include the largest gap. Then Join the curves. This will move the end points of the curve to lie on top of each other, so your curve shape will change a very small bit at the joined ends.

Or use the Blend, ArcBlend or BlendCrv commands.

You can try the attached script which will accept a user tolerance override when joining - runs in V4 and V5.


JoinCrvsWithUserTol.rvb (851 Bytes)

IF they are planar then you can use FILLET curves with value 0.

or the connect command

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Canceled reply after seeing date of original question.

Still glad of replies and suggestions even if the post is a year ago. :smile: