Problem joining curves

hi guys,

im trying to join the curves in the pic below. all of the them are touching but none of the them will join. I just get a “can’t join curves message”.

any idea what is going on here?

would really appreciate the help.


We will need the file.

This is the upload tool:

I see two issues

  • You’re modeling in centimeters with a tolerance of 0.01 cm. For something this small, you should be modeling in millimeters with a 0.001 tolerance.

  • The main problem is about half of your curves are closed.
    Run SelClosedCrv to select them. I suspect they are stacked duplicates Joined together. SelAll > Explode > SelDup > Delete.
    That will do most of the clean up work

OK great thanks Brock! is there a way to change the tolerance and units in the file or do i have to start another one?

(you are right, the curves where doubled up creating closed curves)

On Mac Rhino it’s File > Settings > Units

excellent, thank you John

A couple of your curves are missing the end arcs needed to Join them together like most of them have.

gotcha, all fixed now :grinning:

thank you !!