Join Curves Doesn't work properly? Bug?

krust 2.3dm (1.8 MB)
I want to join these curves into one closed curve, but it either says it’s unable to do it or joins them into a open curve. I also noticed that, when I join them it slightly moves them out of position.
Thanks in advance!

Hi -
This is not a bug, no.
You should be seeing something like this when you try to join the two curves at the top:

Your document tolerance is set to 0.001, which is smaller than the gap between the curves. If you answer Yes to this question, Rhino will need to slightly change the curves so that they will join.

Apart from that, you have two short curves on the top of the horizontal part. There is no gap between the other curves here but you should probably change the other curves so that these short segments are not needed. That will likely prevent problems in down-stream commands.

I’ve rotated the object to better fit but this illustration shows where these issues are located:


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Yeah, I didn’t notice the false curves and openings earlier.
Thanks for helping!