Quick Way to Change Drawing Scale?

I’ve got a project scaled and dimensioned at 100% – client is now wanting to scale the objects down by 1/3

I could scale everything down in model space, but is there a quick way of changing the dims by 1/3 without having to scale the objects down?



Hi Jim - you can make a dim style with ‘Alternate text’ set to .66667

Or what Mitch said if you want to replace it completely…

I think this setting in the dimension properties will do that…

Hey guys…sorry, not clear. The objects are originally 10" and are now 3.33". The drawing needs to reflect that they are now 3.33" tall.

So in that case, change Length factor to 0.33333


Hi Jim - if you just want the dims to change, and the scaling is 3d, then setting a length factor as Mitch suggests should do the job - set the factor to .3333…


Yes…thank you all.