Model and Layout space scaling... hurts

Hi guys,

I am working with layouts and I never understood why we don’t have a layout scaling factor like the model scaling factor:

Reason is that if I use the “Scale all sizes” and add 3 and then later want to adjust this to 2, then that is “difficult” to do quickly (as I have to remember that the previous was 3, so now I need to scale with 1/3 and then rescale with 2 (or do the 2x1/3 in my head)

To me it would make much more sense if we could have a similar multiplier function as we have for the model space scale.

So, have I misunderstood something?

Cheers :slight_smile:


I agree, I find it one of the most cumbersome parts of Rhino. In SW I never had to bother about these text sizes, in Rhino all the time.
I think the logic is: set your sizes for Layout space, adjust for model space. In that order, hence the model space scale. But having just two scales would be much easier indeed.

Right - that is the way to work it.


But I don’t work in layout, I work in Rhino and harwest in layout… :grimacing: And it is rarely a straight forward process :smile: