Scaling drawings

So, I have a few 2D drawings that are in 1:100 scale but I need to re-scale them to 1:50 so I can keep working on them with the correct scale.
All the tutorials I found only explained how to change the scale when exporting to pdf, but is there any way I can do it before? How?
Thank you

Hello- if the actual geometry in the file is just half the desired size, scale it all (Scale command) by 2… or, if you are looking at detials in a layout and the geometry is fulls scale but the view is not, you can set the scale in the Properties of a detail view.


Thank you, I think I have done it. How do I check if it is the correct scale now?

Hello- measure something, I guess - Distance command, or Radius? BTW, I guess the geometry is coming from outside Rhino, correct? Normally there would be no reason to work at any but full scale in Rhino.


Thank you. Sorry I’m very new with rhino. Yes, they are full scale

Hello - so, are you all set now? I can’t quite tell if there is still something to fix.