Questions on Sketchup import

I work in Sketchup. I imported a simple model into Rhino 6 (see image)

  1. Edges an isolines display as white. Can I make them black like in the Sketchup model, and if so how?
  2. Does the import handle materials? The windows have a translucent material but that translucency does not show up in Rhino.

I suspect the color the Layer the imported stuff is on is set to White.

I just realized that display color of the object in Rhino properties comes in as Black though it displays as white. Setting it to “By layer” makes it display as black.


Any thoughts on the materials?

I’m not a SketchUp user, but I can’t imagine that we support much beyond basic color as far as materials go. Each application or rendering tool uses their own material definitions. Very little of that will move between applications.

Further questions. In the transom of my window, some surfaces came in as back faces. (green) I exploded them and flipped so they looked consistent. However, when I joined again they flipped back.

Also, assuming Sketchup materials do not import, I added a light blue glass material to the window panes. They are not translucent in Render mode. I even made new panes in Rhino and added the material. If I remember there was a slider for transparency in materials but I can’t find it.

305 Jack’s.3dm (17.4 MB)

The glass materials you use work just fine here, in Rendered view

Here a bonus raytraced capture with sunlight through the windows.


Could this be something I need to switch on or off in Rhino?

Admittedly I am new to Rhino materials, but at this point I’m about to give up. Nothing works for me as it should, or as my mind understands the processes from other software I use. When I try to click an object and the materiel lands on another object. I assume I did something wrong. I cannot get materials to rotate, scale, etc., and I experience it on 3 different machines. That suggests bugs or my incompetence. The thing is , I am not experienced enough to know which.

It must have something to do with back faces. If I explode a pane solid the individual planes are translucent from one side. They are gray and opaque when viewed from the other.

Edit: Found it. Object settings. Color back faces.