Sketchup material transparency


Each time I import sketchup files I have to rework the textures.
The import tool creates weird materials when it comes to transparent textures.
I put an example. (left: as is, right: reworked)
I don’t know why Alpha Transparency is not checked and transparency texture slot is using the same file as the diffuse map.
When png files are used, it is usually to take advantage of the transparency channel.
Furthermore, I think sketchup does not have a separate opacity map.
I work with large architectures which use hundreds of materials. I don’t want to parse them one by one.
Maybe something I missed ?

Is there a way to resolve this issue ?



post a file that shows this issue and steps to reproduce, we’ll take a peek-

  • import this sketchup file (2018 version) in rhino 6.
  • put perspective view in rendered mode.

The import result should show a ground plane, a 2d tree and a 3d tree (block).

arbres_v2018.skp (6.7 MB)

I realized that even the uv mapping in the 3d tree is a bit odd.