Rhino 6: Imported sketch-up file appears as a blacked out object in render mode

I have been searching throughout the web for the last 3 hours looking for the solution but didnt come across anything that would help me. I believe the issue is very straight forward and its one minor aspect that I am missing.
After importing a quite detailed (50mb with 20 materials) sketch-up file from 3d warehouse into rhino 6, the object in render mode apears as compleately blacked-out, despite the fact that in shaded, ghosted or any other mode the meshes appear in a colour of a material. I assume that everything should be asigned to given mesh.
I already tried importing the sketchup file as meshes, polysurfaces, with and without material alignemnt option ticked. I tried changing in the object properties- materials- use layer material/ use object parent material.
None of this helped.
I feel like the model is of a nice quality, all the materials are aligned to its proper positions, everything works and its just me that cannot see the problem source.

I would highly appreciate any help!

Link to the sketchup file: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/20b2d738-2d35-490c-b035-607fa8c52aed/Bentley-Mulsanne
2 screenshots attached


Yes, I can repeat the problem and have created a YouTrack item: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-49361.

I can tell you that the reason it’s black is because it fails to import a material because the material name starts with “[” the bracket character. Maybe it will work if that is changed to something else from inside Sketch-up.


Actually, the problem is that the car is imported as a block instance, with the black material set. Contained block instances are set to By Parent. If you change to block instance material you’ll see everything is drawn with that.

I tried both of the sggestions. It wasnt the case of ‘[’ or ‘<’ prefix case.
After opening a file in Sketchup and changing the material of the whole component in Entity Info to Default and saving it back as sketchup file it worked.
Thank you for help!
The case can be closed !