Question on creating a template for Layouts

In Rhino 6, s it possible to create a Layout Template that, for example, would have two details prelinked to Front/Perspective views and a title block Layer?

I’ve read and looked at a few vids, but I’m probably missing it.

Appreciate the assist!

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Hi Bruce - set up a file as you like it, and SaveAsTemplate.
It should then show up in the right place when you use New.


Hi Pascal,

I should have gone into further detail.

I have a bunch of pre-existing .3dm files.

What I want to do is take a layout I have created for one of those .3dm files, open each of the other files in sequence and just add the layout I created for the first file to all the others … without starting a new layout, details, text, etc from scratch for every pre-existing .3dm file.

So I guess the question should have been: Is there a way to copy just a layout from one .3dm and then paste that layout into another .3dm file that already exists?

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Hi Bruce- the Layouts panel has an Import button,



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Ah … this Layout Panel feature must be new in V7, correct?

Thank you!


You are right. In Rhino 6 there is only layout toolbar. This toolbar does not have ImportLayout command. In Rhino 7 there is both layout toolbar and layout panel. Both of them have the ImportLayout command. This command imports layout from different Rhino file/model.


Excellent feature.

Going to Level Up to V7.

Thanks for the assist!!!


Hi Bruce,

I’m still using Rhino 6 - see the picture below:

If you click the little + sign beside any existing viewports/layouts, you should have the option to Import Layout. You should then be able to pull existing layouts from another file.

You can also play around with Document User Text to autofill some of your title block fields. I understand this has been improved for R7, but you can still get a good chunk of info out of a well-set up file in 6.

I appreciate the tip. Thank you!

I was due for an update and the 3 day weekend offered a more relaxed time to do it and explore 7.

Appreciate the thought!


hello every one…

since few time, when i import a layout by clicking the + icon, rhino opens a browser in the last place i saved… before rhino opens the browser every time in my templates repositoryon the server, do you know why?