How to export layout?

Hi! I am quite new to using layouts, I created this nice layout in a 2d model then I realized this 2d model is a MAKE2D-verison of a 3d rhino file I have. But they should be in the same positions so I was wondering how to export them into the document? I found how to import but couldnt find how to export my layout.

Anyoneo aware?

Hi Ameda,
The simple answer here is to go to the model where you want the Layout.
The use the approach is to ImportLayout command, and navigate to the model that has the Layout that you want.

This will bring into your current model the selected layout and all layout geometry like title blocks, details, annotations that are on the layout.
This does not include in the model contents of the details.

So, you may also need to Export Selected the 2D line work from the model space to a file, and import or insert it into the model where it is needed. You could also open two instances of Rhino and Copyclipboard and Paste into the second file. That would work too. Then adjust the Detail view to look at the 2D work and set the scale.

Hope this helps…
Mary Ann Fugier