Importing layout is also is also bringing the geometry

Hi, i want to import from another file only the layout view, but when I do so it also import some geometries and layers. How can I only import the view?, It’s not a named view, is a layout

I expect that’s normal - a layout is just a “window” into model space at a certain size/placement/scale. So if there is no geometry in the file, the layout will be… blank.

You could simply take a screenshot of the layout in the original file if all you need is an image. Or print PDF vector from the original layout and import that as linework into a new Rhino file.

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Hi Mitch -

I know what you mean but I get easily confused when users report issues with “layouts”…
A Detail is a window into model space. A Layout is a special type of viewport.

As for geometry getting imported with the ImportLayout command - only geometry that is ON the layout that is getting imported is imported. A detail is geometry. Geometry in the original file that can be seen in a detail on the layout that is getting imported is NOT imported. As far as I can tell, this is how it should be.

I see that all layers of the original file are imported - we have this issue on the list as RH-47838 (not visible to the public because of customer information) and I added this thread to the comments.