Import layout rhino 7

Anyone else having the issue of Importlayout bringing in every layer & every block from a source file?
As far as I can remember this wasn’t happening a couple months ago, maybe it was. There doesn’t seem to be any options on Importlayout for this not to happen. This has made Importlayout essentially useless now. All I want to do is import a layout, and Copytoclipboard some objects from model space. Sounds like it should be simple. Why on Earth is this happening? Seems absolutely ridiculous. It is hard to see how this is even a useful function anymore. I am using Rhino 7, with latest update. The only thing I can see that might have something to do with importing (not even sure what type of importing it controls) is under Rhino Options> Advanced > RHINO.OPTIONS.FILESETTING.IMPORTFILELAYERMATCHINGOPTION
Even changing that from 0 to 1 doesn’t seem to have any positive effect.

Hi Trevor -

This has always behaved like that. We’ve got RH-47840 for blocks, and RH-47838 for layers on the list of things to look at in the future. I’ve added your thread to both of them.

Okay. Thank you for your time.