Import a Rhino file with layouts into another

The geometry in the model views seems to come across, but I get no layout… Is that normal?
Also, if I have a layout active in the destination file, and I import another Rhino file, the geometry from the imported file (in model space in the original) seems to come into the layout space in the destination file? That seems wrong somehow…

I don’t work with layouts that much, but now I need to combine a half-dozen individual files each with one layout into one master file…

Copying and pasting a layout from one file to another doesn’t appear to work either.
However, I found Import from the Layout menu (_ImportLayout). That seems to work to import a layout. So I need to import the Rhino file first to get the geometry (and layers, etc.) , then go back a second time and import the layout from the same file with the above? Seems very convoluted…

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Interesting question.

If layouts are a sort of viewports, which is my assumption. They are saved to that “area” of the 3dm file not connected with the geometry, hence the behavior. Import do not deal with non-geometry/material stuff.

On the other hand, you can import viewports only, from file. I use that a lot because people create crazy variations of viewports and their arrangement.

You may try to import viewports but that will replace the existing ones instead of adding.

Perhaps this is a good “feature request” example I will support.