Question - Creating and inflating complicated ETFE structure

Create ETFE inflated bubbles/membranes that form with my intended structure.
Basically I need to combine the two scripts in the grasshopper file that I attached.

What I have been able to do: 

I was able to use a script I got online that was able to make ETFE bubbles along my structure , but it only worked if I used an equation that would subdivide the surface into diamonds…. That is not my goal.
I want to use the structure that I have modeled using grasshopper (which I realize is a bit complicated and there is most likely in easier way to model what my intent was)
I tried to split the surface with the structure but this was too complicated and would not run. I even tried to bake the surface and structure in rhino and then split… Which worked but that when I went to and use “gginflatesurface” extension using bullart but that would not even work for a few of the stuface segments.
I am new to grasshopper and I am finishing up my thesis and would love to understand how to get the surfaces to bubble the structures meet the surface. Please any help is appreciated.

Well … I don’t have your add-ons (plus I work with R5) so here’s a blind date answer:

  1. Whatever the Method you are using (relaxation or not) for the Envelope Topology you should arrive to a Mesh and then get a light truss out of that ( shown a W type tri base Mesh meaning that the outer shell is hexagons/pentagons: these Polylines are done via Mesh VV/VE Connectivity ):


  1. Then: if the EFTE Polyline is triangle or quad you can inflate the Surface by moving the mid Point (at 0.5, 0.5) using the related Mesh Vertex Normal. If the Polyline has a higher order and IF we are talking lot’s of lot’s of modules … then a little cheating is a must:

  1. The cheating is done as follows:

  1. Of course you can things by the book i.e. using K2 for relaxing lot’s of mini Meshes (in real life EFTE is used in rather big structures) … but I strongly advise to cheat: after all your job is NOT to cut the piece patterns (nor to provide the zillion ducts required for that kind of envelope solution [a very fragile one, mind]).

BTW: If you want a C# that does the EFTE stuff in any Mesh … notify.

That said EFTE is an answer to a questiion that nobody asked.