Inflated window between frame

Is there anyone who can help me in making inflated windows (like ETFE) between frames as shown in the attached images? Thank you in advance!
image (20.3 KB)

This can be done with Kangaroo.

You’ll have to TriRemesh the surfaces.

Some of the segments are really small. You should clean up the Voronoi before spending too much time on the etfe cushions and pipe structure. I would merge duplicate point up to a certain treshold. (33.2 KB)

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Thank you for your help.
You are right, I am facing a real problem with time. Can you tell me how can I clean up Voronoi, please? I tried but failed; I am taking my first baby steps into Grasshopper.

Use fewer points? Or use Cull Duplicates (points) with a tolerance of ~11…?

(oops, I cut off that image)

Ultimately though, if you want all those holes to be “inflated windows”, you need to do them all at once instead of one by one, eh? Trying now to graft the output of SrfSplit so it inflates all the holes, but that is very slow. I don’t know if/when it will finish but you want to use just one to adjust the parameters to get the inflation you like before grafting SrfSplit output. I don’t even know if graft is necessary?

Thanks :ok_hand: