ETFE cushion mass generator for a patterned surface

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me generate a series of ETFE cushions from surfaces to form a surface pattern, or a script which reproduces a form which looks similar?

I have been trying to use the following script but finding that it doesn’t seem to work for me as soon as I try inputting more than one surface. Each surface is clean and I changed the series count to reflect the number of meshes. I would ideally like to just input all surfaces at once and end up with hundreds of etfe facade panels.

This is the result I get

I will attach both the script and my model. Thanks all!

Patterned form_LP.3dm (1.3 MB)

ETFE Massive (19.1 KB)

Hi @user2200

Are you trying to create a pillow for each quadrilateral, or a single pillow for each hexagon?

Hi @DanielPiker

For each quadrilateral, although an experiment with how it would look done by the hexagons could be interesting too…

Here’s a simple one for quads. (488.2 KB)
and if you need inflation of both the inner and outer surface: (497.6 KB)


Amazing, thank you @DanielPiker !

no problem. Here’s a hexagonal example too: (27.0 KB)

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